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The BNFTT(BNFTX TOKEN) will be used to support the entire BNFTX ecosystem as a unique TOKEN for the BNFTX platform. We have carefully designed deflationary incentives to strengthen market promotion and create network effects to increase demand for BNFTT while reducing its circulating supply.

BNFTT is a 100% community-owned decentralized virtual space project.

BNFTT is a highly original diversified and comprehensive NFT trading and creation platform. Starting from the infrastructure with the highest technology integration and the most subversive, it gathers the leading resources in the field of global art creation to create NFT creation and transaction, IP agency and incubation, physical mapping NFT, auction and mortgage.

BNFTT is an ecological super platform integrating liquidity mining, NFT social networking, DAO, meta-universe and virtual idol.

Smart contract

  • Token symbols BNFTT
  • Contract address 0x7Ac5B78f71248eEAc017263B1b47672e920AaCf9
  • Total circulation 10,000,000
  • Distribution and chain BSC

Community Governance

The community Token pool is jointly owned by all members of the community. Tokens have the right of earnings, voting rights and credit rights. The community as a whole makes collective decisions on the warehouse pool, and the benefits belong to everyone. With the warehouse pool, members of the community can invite others to participate in the game to receive rewards and participate in the decision making of new games and assets. Through incentives such as voting rights and earnings rights, players voluntarily participate in the blockchain game, and at the same time earn revenue from the game.

Community Dropped


Issue introduced

BNFTT Community Airdrop
  • Number of Releases: 1000000 (10%)
  • Distribution Rules: BNFTT will end community airdrops on 5 January 2022 at 23:00(UTC+8). Community users can receive the BNFTT airdrop by submitting the BSC wallet address on the website, with an initial number of 50 BNFTT per address. This round of airdrop is free of charge, and airdrop will be distributed uniformly after the event.
  • Invitation rules: Users can get additional tokens by inviting friends to participate in the airdrop, 20 BNFTT for each invited friend, up to 50 friends for each invited friend, up to 1000 BNFTT. Airdrop quantity is limited, BNFTT circulation is small, it is expected that after the launch of the single coin price will be stable at more than $100, time is limited, quickly invite up!
BNFTT Tax Mechanism
  • 8% tax is deducted on each transaction
  • Among them, 4% of all coin holders are waiting for dividends
  • 4% community marketing promotion
BNFTT Token Allocation
  • 10% added black hole address for burn destruction destruction
  • 10% trands airdrop
  • 20% marketing and strategic cooperation
  • 60% Add PancakeSwap flowing ore pool and lock liquidity, no presale, no private placement, fair and just online

Road Map

> 200 community nodes will be recruited globally in December 2021 to complete the setting and test version of the game.

> In the first quarter of 2022, complete the game test and launch the beta version

> Global users expanded to at least 10 countries in the second quarter of 2022.

> In the third and fourth quarters of 2022, global users exceeded 50 million fans, expanded the playability and scene of the game, upgraded all aspects of hardware facilities, and cooperated with more project parties to make BNFTT a global and all-round coverage of metaverse chain tourism.

> The AR VR version of the game will be launched in 2024. In 2025, it will become a benchmark platform for metaverse chain tour.

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